Psychology & Law Speaker Series

The psychology and law speaker series features prominent researchers in the areas of eyewitness identification, eyewitness event memory, interrogation, confession, jury decision making, plea bargaining, violent behavior, etc.
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Saul Kassin

John Jay College of Criminal Justice – CUNY

Amy Douglass

Bates College

Eve Brank

University of Nebraska Lincoln

Christian Meissner

Univerity of Texas El Paso (Now at Iowa State)

Maria Zaragoza

Kent State University

Sean Lane

Louisiana State University

Neil Brewer

Flinders University, Australia

James Lampinen

University of Arkansas

Margaret Kovera

John Jay College of Criminal Justice – CUNY

Rod Lindsay

Queens University, Canada

Mario Scalora

University of Nebraska Lincoln

Brian Bornstein

University of Nebraska Lincoln

Allison Redlich

George Mason University

Matthew Palmer

University of Tasmania, Australia

Ryan Fitzgerald

University of Portsmouth, UK

Mitchell Eisen

California State University – Los Angeles

Jessica Salerno

Arizona State University

Stephen Charman

Florida International University

Laura Smalarz

Arizona State University